K-pop girl group brand rankings revealed for May!


The Korean Business Research Institute released their analysis of K-pop girl groups’ brand reputation rankings for May! A brand reputation ranking is an analysis of the value of a group’s name in media, not necessarily popularity. Their rankings are made through analysis on media attention, consumer interest and interaction, and the positivity of reactions to the group or their content from big data gathered over a month.

The data was gathered between April 10 and May 10. The data for the ranking for April (gathered March 10 to April 11) overlaps with this month’s data.

The overall amount of big data analyzed decreased 4.69% from April.

OH MY GIRL took their spot at the top of the list this month, a first for this group from WM Entertainment! OH MY GIRL’s brand ranking index score came out to 4,769,650, a 99.68% increase from last month. This is no doubt thanks to their hugely successful comeback with “NONSTOP”! The group continues to win weekly music shows, having beat NCT DREAM for first place on both Music Core and Inkigayo.

The most popular related search terms were “NONSTOP”, “YouTube”, and “comeback”, while the biggest related keywords were “cool”, “good (at performing)”, and “shine”. 85.59% of interactions with the group’s brand online were judged to be positive.

Apink easily took the number 2 spot on this month’s list, with the impact of their “Dumhdurum” comeback still going strong! Apink’s brand ranking index score for May is 4,723,734, a 25.07% increase from April when they were in the number 6 spot. “Dumhdurum” remains high in Korean daily and realtime charts even nearly a month after its release, showing even as a senior girl group Apink has everything it takes to make a hit!

BLACKPINK stays high on the ranking, coming in at number 3 with their brand ranking index score of 4,472,516! Their score only decreased 6.14%, despite the group not having any active promotions this month. One thing that has changed is that YG Entertainment confirmed the group is preparing to come back this June, so we can likely look forward to a lot more from BLACKPINK soon!

  1. OH MY GIRL (+11)
  2. Apink (+4)
  3. BLACKPINK (-1)
  4. Red Velvet (-3)
  5. TWICE (-1)
  6. (G)I-DLE (-3)
  7. IZ*ONE (+2)
  8. ITZY (-3)
  9. MAMAMOO (+1)
  10. APRIL (+3)
  11. Girls’ Generation (-4)
  12. LOONA (-4)
  13. Lovelyz (+6)
  14. GFRIEND (-3)
  15. WJSN (-2)
  16. Cignature (+2)
  17. ANS (+9)
  18. Girls’ Alert (NEW)
  19. AOA (-2)
  20. Dreamcatcher (-5)

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