K-pop idol individual brand rankings revealed for May!


The Korean Business Research Institute released their analysis of K-pop idol group members’ brand reputation rankings for May! A brand reputation ranking is an analysis of the value and presence of a group or person’s name in media, not necessarily popularity. Their rankings are made through analysis on media attention, consumer interest and interaction, and the positivity of reactions to the group or their content from big data gathered over a month.

The data for May was gathered between April 23 to May 23. The overall amount of big data analyzed increased 5.14% from April.

BTS‘s Jimin keeps his spot at number 1 on this month’s list with a brand ranking index of 7,730,300! This is a 19.70% decrease from his score in April, but he still has a good lead on any of the other idols listed. The most commonly related search terms were “Filter”, “ARMY”, and “album”, while the most commonly used keywords were “surpass”, “record (a new best score)”, and “heartwarming”. “Album” is likely there as a search result because Jimin was named as the project manager of BTS’s upcoming album!

BTS‘s Suga shot up the rankings, ending up in the number 2 spot for the month of May! His brand ranking index came out to 6,128,317, an amazing 115.49% increase from last month. A lot of this likely comes from the hype surrounding the release of his second mixtape, “D-2”, which was dropped last Friday featuring the leading track “Daechwita”.

EXO‘s Baekhyun takes the number 3 spot this month with his brand ranking index of 5,619,532, a 72.78% increase from last month! Excitement is slowly building for his solo comeback with “Delight” tomorrow on May 25, so it will be interesting to see how his brand ranking score is effected for the boy group member ranking early next month.

Kang Daniel took the number 4 spot this month despite the end of his solo promotions with “2U”! His brand raking index came out to 5,079,747, a 45.11% decrease from his score last month. Daniel continues to be a sensation, though, staying high in the rankings despite not having as many promotions or advertisements as he used to have.

OH MY GIRL‘s Arin is the only female idol to make the top five this month, but between her activity with her group promotions for “NONSTOP” and her individual activities in a drama, she definitely deserves it! Arin’s brand ranking index came out to 4,403,861, an amazing 312.64% increase from last month! This means she essentially raised her score by 4x in the past month.

  1. BTS’s Jimin (-)
  2. BTS’s Suga (+14)
  3. EXO’s Baekhyun (+9)
  4. Kang Daniel (-2)
  5. OH MY GIRL’s Arin (NEW)
  6. BTS’s V (-1)
  7. Park Jihoon (NEW)
  8. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (+2)
  9. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon (+8)
  10. OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung (NEW)
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